Guangzhou Hephas Energy Corporation


        群翌能源(Hephas Energy Corporation)为一专业的能源测试设备及关键系统零组件供应商。主要针对未来绿色能源相关产业,特别是燃料电池(Fuel Cell)产业之测试设备及主要零元件,进行开发与设计工作,积极的满足我们的客户需求。 


      Be customer’s best partner on renewable energy test solutions and components supply. We create the product with 『Competitive Quality』、『Competitive Innovation』and 『Competitive Price』 features to match our customer needs.

      Hephas Energy Corporation We are a professional supplier of energy testing equipment and key system components. We mainly focus on the future green energy related industries, especially the fuel cell industry's testing equipment and major components, and carry out development and design work to actively meet our customers' needs.

     In the battery test equipment solution, the company provides a series of battery test equipment products from battery basic electrochemical analysis to system activation, durability test, safety test, failure analysis, etc. to meet customers' needs in different stages of material development, battery assembly, system design, product verification, etc. in addition to general battery test equipment, the company also has a Series of test modules provide more flexible solutions for single function test of products.